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Dear client, Phone scams, where fraudsters introduce themselves as bank employees and try to gain access to your money or data (PINs), are spreading. If you have any suspicions, please end the call immediately and inform us of the incident. More information on how to recognise phone scams is accessible at

Forget about the code card!

From 2019, it will no longer be possible to log in to the Internet bank and mobile bank of Coop Pank with a code card. Code cards will be removed from use as they are not considered secure enough according to the new rules applicable in Europe.

First months of Coop Pank

Coop Pank, which entered the market last October, has now been operating for five months. CEO Margus Rink summed up how the bank did in these first months.

Bank client within a few minutes

As a first bank in Estonia, we launched an electronic banking platform for electronic sign-ups in December enabling new clients to open an online bank account in just a few minutes.

Coop Pank’s new mobile bank

From November, services of Coop Pank may be used also in the mobile bank. Read in this blog post how to make using daily banking services more convenient with the help of the mobile bank.