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Circle K discount with Coop Pank card

Add your Coop Pank card to the Circle K EXTRA Club loyalty scheme and get the best discounts!

  • miles and milesPLUS motor fuel cheaper by 2.5 eurocents per litre
  • each 6th cup of coffee free
  • each car wash cheaper by 15 percent
  • each vacuum cleaner usage cheaper by 15 percent
  • campaign offers

The Circle K loyalty scheme is open to all Coop Pank private clients with a debit or credit card registering via or at any Circle K service station across Estonia.

When you replace your bankcard, please add the new card to your Circle K loyal customer account.


Other offers

Coop Pank’s payback

Our payback is always positive! Now is the right time to pay for purchases with your Coop bank card, because every month we will pay one client back all of the money they spent over the month.