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Coop Bank is expanding in Hiiumaa

Coop Bank, which is expanding strongly throughout Estonia, will start advising its clients at all Coop stores in Hiiumaa.

CEO of Coop Bank Margus Rink said that Coop Bank’s goal was to make banking as convenient and accessible as possible in smaller regions as well, and this is why the bank had gradually brought its services to Coop stores. “We want to be near our clients and are therefore working on turning our stores into centres where clients can also conclude simpler banking transactions in addition to buying their groceries,” said Rink. “For this purpose, we have so far opened 24 banking points at Coop stores throughout Estonia.” A banking point is an innovative alternative to a bank branch, where clients can open accounts, request bankcards and submit small loan applications.

According to Rink, the banking point opened by Coop Bank at Tormi Konsum in Kärdla got going the best among all of the banking points opened in Estonia. “The people’s interest in the services of Coop Bank and our excellent cooperation with the Hiiumaa Consumer Cooperative made us come up with a new solution, so the cashier of our Haapsalu branch will now be regularly serving clients at the Coop stores in Hiiumaa as well,” explained Rink. In addition to asking for advice, the cashier will also help clients to perform simpler banking transactions. The cashier will bring the application forms to the banking points and help clients fill them in if necessary.”

The cashier will tour Hiiumaa for the first time on 5 and 6 April and clients will be advised at all of the seven Coop stores on the island. The schedule of the cashier’s visits will be placed on the information boards of the stores. According to initial plans, the cashier will go from Haapsalu to Hiiumaa to advise and help clients on the island twice a month, and the schedule of the cashier tour will be adjusted from time to time according to the demands of clients. The cashier is easy to recognise by their blue and white Coop Bank uniform.

Coop Bank is a bank based on Estonian capital, which uses the synergy between retail and baking, and brings everyday banking close to people’s homes. Coop Eesti, which consists of 19 cooperatives, has 80,000 private owners and ca 600,000 loyal customers. Coop Bank has 15 branches and 24 banking points nationwide.