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Coop Bank opens banking point in Kandi Konsum

Coop Bank, which is strongly expanding its operations throughout Estonia, opened its 24th banking point in Kandi Konsum, Järvakandi, today.


According to the Head of Marketing at Coop Bank Tiina Tali, the bank’s goal is to be close to the homes of its clients, so the use of everyday banking services is as convenient and accessible as possible in every corner of Estonia. “Whilst other banks are moving away from smaller settlements and rural areas, Coop Bank cooperates with the Coop store chain to make banking services accessible to people in smaller settlements as well,” explained Tali.


Coop Bank has come up with the innovative solution of banking points, which are set up in Coop stores. They are an innovative alternative to bank branches, said Tali. “People no longer have to go to a branch for everyday banking, as they can do everything they need at the stores with the assistance of client service staff and using the computer at the banking point,” she added when explaining the operating principle of a banking point. “Clients can open accounts, request bankcards and submit small loan applications,” added the Head of Marketing at Coop Bank. Coop Bank now has 24 banking points at Coop stores throughout Estonia.


Coop Bank is a bank based on Estonian capital, which uses the synergy between retail and baking, and brings everyday banking close to people’s homes. Coop Eesti, which consists of 19 cooperatives, has 80,000 private owners and ca 600,000 loyal customers. Coop Bank has 15 branches and 24 banking points nationwide.