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Coop Liising starts selling cars itself

Coop Liising, the leasing subsidiary of Coop Pank, starts selling cars itself this week, using a novel concept for the first time in Estonia. The first batch available for clients will be Škodas, but the company is open to collaboration with other automobile manufacturers.

“We will be using the first 20 Škoda cars to be sold here for testing our new business model, which aims to make purchasing a vehicle more convenient than ever, providing clients with a “one-stop-shop” solution which implies that the client will be able to choose their new vehicle and select the suitable financing and insurance solution at the same time, all in one place, whereas Coop Liising will not only be acting as a financial organisation but also as a car dealership,” said Martin Ilves, head of Coop Liising.

“It is not competing with automobile dealership which is our goal but cooperating with them. Coop retail chain and Coop Pank combined have nearly 700,000 clients whom our automobile offers can reach through our cannels, but, naturally, any Estonian residents will be able to buy a car in our dealership,” Ilves added.

To purchase a car, the client will not even have to leave home: it can be ordered, all the required optional equipment included, through the bank’s web page, and this is also where the convenient financing solution can be chosen. The can will be delivered to the client’s home address should they request it. The offer for Škodas includes free Casco insurance until the end of the year. The available range of cars can be viewed here.