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Coop Pank and St John’s School sign an agreement to finance the construction of a new school building

Today, on May 21, at 12:00, Coop Pank and St John’s School will sign a loan agreement to finance the construction of a new school building on Kivimäe Street in Tallinn. Merko Ehitus Eesti is to build the new home for the school, which has been using rented premises so far.

According to Liivika Simmul, a founder and the director of the St John’s School, it is a big and a particularly important step for the entire school family, since until now the school had to work in rented premises. “We founded the St John’s School in 2013 as a community school, and today we already have 350 students. Since every year new first grades are added to our family, we already had to move several times – at first, we worked in the Old Town, from where we moved to Mustamäe. We have dreamed of our own building since the very foundation of the school,” Simmul said.

In 2019, the St John’s School acquired a plot of land under the pine trees on Kivimäe Street. The contract for the construction of the school building was signed on May 10, 2021, and the construction works are scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2022. The building designed by SKAD Arhitektid will be constructed by Merko Ehitus Eesti. The construction is financed by Coop Pank.

According to Arko Kurtmann, the Head of Commercial Banking at Coop Pank, being a domestic bank Coop Pank is committed to participating in projects that are good for life in Estonia. “St John’s School is a great example of a community project that becomes more and more important for many families with every passing year. The new home of St John’s School under the pines of Nõmme fits perfectly into nature. There will be no car traffic around the school building and the environment there will be inspiring and conducive to learning. Financing such initiatives – both in the capital and throughout Estonia – is in line with Coop Pank’s values. As a fast-growing domestic bank, we certainly want to participate in similar projects in the future,” assured Kurtmann.

Liivika Simmul added that the cooperation with Coop Pank was smooth and that Coop Pank proved to be a swift and flexible partner.

The plans for the new building of the St John’s School are available here: