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Coop Pank becomes the key tenant in the Skyon office building

In August this year, the headquarters of Coop Pank will move to the new Skyon office building, which will be completed in the Maakri quarter. The move to larger premises is in line with the domestic bank’s aspirations for growth and allows to provide employees with a modern, inspiring, and energy-efficient work environment.

Coop Pank will become the main tenant of the new Skyon office building – the bank’s premises will be located on the first ten floors of a 26-story building. Coop Pank will use about 3,500 square meters here, which is almost a third more than in the current main building of the bank.

“We are growing fast, and the current premises just feel cramped. Since the acquisition of the bank in 2017, we have grown by about 40% annually and have created over 130 new jobs over the past four years. That is why we were looking for a more spacious, modern, inspiring, and energy-efficient work environment that would be comfortable for both employees and customers. It was Skyon that best met these criteria,” said Coop Pank’s chairman of the management board Margus Rink.

In the high-rise Skyon building Coop Pank will be housed in spacious rooms with natural light. “The interior architects have considered both the character of our brand and the fact that employees should feel good on the premises. We focused on relaxation areas, cozy meeting rooms, and terraces. Skyon’s location in one of the key areas of the city center and the bicycle parking next to the building make it easy to get around on foot or cycling,” explained Janika Valliste, HR manager at Coop Pank.

Valliste noted that in addition to the location, the modern character of the building and its energy efficiency played an important role in choosing Skyon. Skyon office building is LEED Gold certified and has energy efficiency class B. All modern energy-saving technologies are employed here: for instance, lighting throughout the house is based on LED lamps that turn on and off automatically in response to movement. “Although the new office is a third larger than the current one, our heating costs should even be reduced,” Valliste added.

Triple-glazed windows with low solar factor keep the indoor climate consistently warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer, saving on both heating and cooling costs. Throughout the building, according to your own preference you can comfortably adjust the temperature, which is maintained in an optimal way thanks to the building automation. Multilayer filters and CO2 sensors provide not only pleasant temperatures but also clean air.

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