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Coop Pank car dealership increases its selection of Škoda vehicles

This week Coop Pank car dealership which according to the new concept has offered cars in Estonia since the beginning of June has expanded its range of Škoda cars following the growing interests of clients.

20 models of Škoda Kodiaq, Karoq and Superb were added to the car dealership. In August, the range has already been supplemented by KIA Sportage crossovers and KIA Ceed cars. Martin Ilves, head of Coop Pank car dealership, explained that the decision was made in favour of Škoda and Kia, since they are among the most popular brands in Estonia.

“Coop Pank car dealership offers not only a selection of new cars but also various financing and insurance options. For example, customers can choose a 0% down payment or take out an insurance solution that best meets their expectations. The first batch of Škodas, which came to the car dealership at the beginning of June, has already found their owners or users. The great interest of our customers gives us the confidence to expand our activities and the range of models offered,” said Ilves.

Coop Pank car dealership differs from conventional ones in that it provides clients with a “one-stop-shop” solution. It implies that the clients will be able to choose their new vehicle and select a suitable financing and insurance solution at the same time, all in one place, without ever leaving their home. During the first year car dealership clients also receive insurance for free.

The new car dealership is well suited to those clients who consider car leasing to be a monthly expense and after the end of the current lease period plan to lease another car. You can lease a car without a down payment, and the residual value of up to 40% ensures a competitive monthly payment.

“It is not competing with automobile dealerships which is our goal but cooperating with them. Coop retail chain and Coop Pank combined have nearly 700,000 clients whom our automobile offers can reach through our cannels, but, naturally, any Estonian residents are able to buy a car in our dealership,” Ilves added.

The client can order all the required optional equipment through the bank’s website, and this is also where the convenient financing and insurance solutions can be chosen. The car will be delivered to the client’s home address should they request it. The available range of cars can be viewed on the home page of Coop Pank. The vehicles are also exhibited in eight Estonian Coop stores and it is possible to see them in the nearest official brand dealership.