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Coop Pank introduces contactless payments

Starting today Coop Pank customers can use secure Google Wallet and make simple and convenient Google Pay instant payments with an Android phone.

Google Pay is a fast and secure way to make payments both in-store and online. By adding Coop Pank’s bank card to Google Wallet, Coop Pank's customers can make fast and convenient payments with their smart device wherever there is a payment sign or Google Pay sign.

Google Pay can be used with all bank cards of private and business customers of Coop Pank. The card user can add the card to Google Wallet.

Rasmus Heinla, head of private customer banking at Coop Pank, said that Google Wallet is a secure and private digital wallet on an Android device that provides quick access to payment cards and other information stored there. "Paying with Google Pay is safe, because bank card data is never used when making a payment, but the payment is confirmed based on the number associated with the device and the unique code generated for the transaction. When paying with Google Pay, you can be sure that your card data is securely protected," said Heinla.

To use the convenient, secure and contactless Google Pay, you must first turn on NFC on your phone, which enables contactless authentication and payment operations. After that you need to download the Google Wallet mobile application from the Google Play store and enter your payment card details and confirm them with a verification code. Heinla said that in the coming weeks, the option to activate Google Pay will also be added in Coop Pank's mobile bank.

He added that when using Google Pay at store, the phone must be unlocked and kept close to the terminal. When paying online with Google Pay, you must first select Google Pay button, enter the shipping address, and confirm the order.

With Google Pay, you can pay within the payment and monthly limit of your bank card. The limits applicable to the card can be viewed and changed in Coop Pank's mobile and internet bank. Heinla added that many Coop Bank customers also use the Coop Bank card to withdraw cash from cash registers in Coop stores and deposit it into a current account, and these services can only be used with a physical Coop Pank card, and cash transactions with Google Pay in stores are not yet possible. "Coop Pank customers can use Google Pay at all ATMs that have the ability to pay by contact. Most ATMs in Estonia do not yet have this functionality, but the number of ATMs with the possibility of instant payment is gradually increasing," added Heinla.

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