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Coop Pank opened a banking point in Paide

Coop Pank, which is strongly expanding its operations throughout Estonia, opened a banking point at the information desk of Coop Maksimarket in Paide. Coop Pank now has 27 banking points nationwide.

The goal of Coop Pank is to make the use of everyday banking services as convenient and accessible as possible outside cities as well. This is the reason why the bank introduced the innovative solution of banking points in addition to the usual branches. The banking point opened at the information desk of Paide Maksimarket is the first of its kind in Järva County.

According to the Head of the Sales Network of Coop Pank Helle Luks, a banking point is an innovative alternative solution that makes it possible to conveniently carry out everyday banking operations at stores. “You just have to go to the information desk at Maksimarket and tell the store employee that you would like to open a bank account, they will make a copy of your ID card, accept your application and after a week, you can collect your Coop bankcard and password from the same store,” said Luks. “You can also have the card sent to your home address.”

It is possible open accounts, request bankcards and submit small loan applications with the help of store employees at the banking points located at Coop stores.

You will find the locations of the banking points and branches of Coop Pank here.