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Coop Pank planted 2,500 spruces on behalf of Estonian gazelles

Coop Pank, which supports the gazelle movement, planted trees on behalf of Estonian gazelles alongside the leader of the initiative Äripäev. Gazelles are rapidly growing companies that create new jobs.

At the Gazelle Congress in February, Äripäev introduced the top Estonian gazelles, which included 1,487 companies that demonstrated powerful growth the year before. At the congress, Coop Pank promised that it will plant a tree on behalf of each gazelle to recognise the massive contribution of these companies. Thus, Coop Pank and Äripäev planted 2,500 spruces in Rapla County on the last day of April.

“Coop Pank shares the same values and goal with the gazelles,” said Arko Kurtmann, Head of Corporate Banking at Coop Pank, who also planted trees. “As a local bank, our goal is grow fast and make life better in Estonia. Estonia is our home market and it’s therefore very important to us that Estonian people and entrepreneurs do better tomorrow than they did today. When they’re doing well, so are we.”

Gazelle companies have increased their turnover and profits by more than 50% in three years, they create more new jobs and represent the important qualities of rapidly developing companies – flexibility, speed and boldness. “These are the values of Coop Pank as well as of the gazelles and cooperation goes well if values are the same,” said Kurtmann.
He added that by supporting the gazelle movement, the bank wants to find partner companies that have the ambition to grow, and the bank can boost this growth. “We value such companies very highly, as their contribution to the Estonian economy is great: they create new jobs, develop innovative products and services, and thereby move life in Estonia forward,” said Kurtmann.

“In addition to contributing to the economic growth of Estonia, we also care about the general wellbeing of people and Estonian nature,” said Arku Kurtmann. “On the one hand, planting trees symbolises the fast growth of the gazelles and on the other hand, there is the contribution to ensuring that life in Estonia is good for the future generations. We only have one Estonia, let’s look after it.”