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Coop Pank shareholders elected a new bank’s council

At a regular general meeting of shareholders held on Thursday, Coop Pank shareholders elected the new six-member council of the bank.

The newly elected members of Coop Pank’s council are: former president of the Bank of Estonia Ardo Hansson, chairman of the management board of Coop Eesti Keskühistu Alo Ivask, chairman of the management board of USS Security Estonia Raul Parusk and former head of corporate banking at Luminor bank Silver Kuus. From the previous Coop Pank council, positions were retained by the head of Harju Consumer Association Jaan Marjundi and the head of the Antsla Consumer Association Roman Provotorov. Council members are elected for a three-year period. The chairman of the council is selected at the first meeting of the council.

At the general meeting, the shareholders also decided to approve the annual report of Coop Pank AS for the 2019 fiscal year and, out of the profit of 5.53 million euros, attribute 5.25 million euros to retained earnings for previous periods, while sending 276 thousand euros to the statutory reserve capital. The shareholders also appointed an auditor, clarified the charter and some questions in connection with the subscription to new shares with the pre-emptive right.

At the general meeting of shareholders 63,133,361 votes were represented, which is 70.58% of the share capital. In total, 111 shareholders attended the meeting.