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Info  Dear client! Fraudulent phone calls and scam e-mails on behalf of banks are common, with scammers trying to gain access to a client’s bank account. Never enter PIN codes if you have not initiated the transaction yourself and remember that the bank will never ask for the PIN 2 code when entering the internet bank!

Coop Pank’s economic results for July 2019

Coop Pank’s economic results for July 2019

  • The bank’s client base increased by 1,500 people in July, amounting to 53,300 by the end of the month.
  • At the same time, the bank’s loan portfolio increased by 16 million euros, amounting to 396 million euros. The rapid growth was supported by all business lines related to financing – home loan, consumer loan, business loan and leasing.
  • The volume of Coop Pank’s deposits amounted to 432 million euros as of the end of July, increasing by 23 million euros within the month.
  • In July, the bank earned 552 thousand euros of net profit.

“Despite the active holiday period, the bank’s results for July were very strong from the perspective of all indicators. We are most pleased about the increase in the number of new private clients. As far as entrepreneurs are concerned, we need to make further efforts, as Coop Pank and the solutions we offer companies are not yet sufficiently known,” said Margus Rink, Chairman of the Management Board of Coop Pank.

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