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Coop Pank’s new mobile bank

From November, services of Coop Pank may be used also in the mobile bank. Read in this blog post how to make using daily banking services more convenient with the help of the mobile bank.

In the mobile bank of Coop Pank, you can complete all the daily banking operations: obtain an overview of your account balance and most recent transactions, effect payments, manage e-invoices and bank cards and share your account number with just a couple of clicks. Soon, there will be added the option of monitoring via the mobile bank also the status on Coop bonus points.

Helena Kokk, who heads e-channels at Coop Pank, elaborated that the objective of the bank is to create a mobile application which is modern yet simple and intuitive for its users and which does not require anybody to make a separate effort in learning how to use it. “The design of the mobile bank is characterised by simplicity, freshness and a modern quality, with an emphasis on being local and part of the Coop Eesti Group,” Kokk added.

In the mobile bank, you can conveniently and quickly

  • look at a quick overview of your accounts and transactions
  • send an account number via SMS, e-mail, Skype, Messenger or other similar channel
  • make and confirm payments
  • view and order e-invoices
  • manage your bank cards

Currently, you can log in to the Mobile bank using your Mobile ID. Next year, Smart-ID support will be added to the application. The mobile bank may be used on both Android and Apple iOS devices and may be downloaded already now through both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Work on further developing the mobile bank continues: in the nearest future already, more options are going to be added, for example, the option of viewing the account balance quickly without logging in to the bank. The Coop bank card serves as the client card for Coop shops, providing discounts on purchases and accumulating bonus points. Soon, the mobile bank will be complemented with the option of seeing an overview of one’s bonus points.

For the design and technological solution for the mobile bank, the collaboration partner of the bank was Estonia’s leading software and product development company Mooncascade. Marko Söönurm, a Mooncascade UX/UI designer, explained that good collaboration and a shared understanding on the part of the client, the developer and, through testing, also the end user enabled both the online solution and the mobile application to be implemented in approximately half a year, a noteworthy result in all respects when it comes to analogous projects. “This, however, is definitely not the end of the work. In terms of the mobile application, functionality is being augmented, and the overall convenience of use in the context of both design and use logic are being optimised based on feedback from a large number of users and additional tests. Insofar as Coop Pank is still small in terms of its structure and work organisation compared to the market leaders, this provides an excellent opportunity to respond quickly, creatively and flexibly to trends holding and evolving in software development and, thereby, to achieve a result that makes the daily set-up of finances simpler and quicker for the regular user,” Söönurm added.

Coop Pank is a universal bank based on Estonian capital whose majority shareholder is Estonia’s only co-operative retail group, Coop Eesti. The objective of Coop Pank is to take advantage of the synergy generated between retail and banking and to bring daily banking services closer to people’s homes. Coop Pank and its subsidiaries employ approximately 200 people at the head office and at 14 branches across Estonia. Coop Eesti, consisting of 19 co-operatives, has about 350 shops, 80 000 private shareholders and approximately 600 000 regular clients across Estonia.

Download the Coop mobile bank application onto your smart device from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).


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