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Estonia’s largest local government Pärnu City became a client of Coop Pank

Estonia’s largest local government Pärnu City became a client of Coop Pank, which makes it possible for the residents of Pärnu to make payments to the city government’s current account in Coop Pank in addition to the accounts in four other banks.

The people of Pärnu can make payments to the current account in Coop Pank for many public services from education to construction, e.g. pay nursery school, hobby school, after-school care, social institution and care home fees, lease and rent payments and the fee for use of sports halls and facilities. The direct link of Coop Pank can now be used to make payments in ARNO, the education services management system of Pärnu City.

“Pärnu City has over 50 agencies, many of whom provide various services for a fee to the citizens and people pay the city directly for these services,” said Vice-Mayor of Pärnu Meelis Kukk. “Coop Pank’s clients can now pay for these services in their home bank as well.”

Coop Pank’s Head of Everyday Banking Teet Kerem said that the bank is constantly looking for ways to bring everyday services closes to people and make their use more convenient. “We’re very pleased that Pärnu City decided to open an account in Coop Pank, as our bank’s clients in Pärnu can now make payments in their home bank, which makes the transfers more convenient, faster and cheaper,” said Kerem.

Coop Pank is an Estonian bank that belongs to tens of thousands of Estonians. The Pärnu branch of Coop Pank is located at Pikk 11. The clients of Coop Pank in Pärnu County can also deposit and withdraw cash at 27 Coop stores.