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Hansab offers a fast and flexible cash transport service all over Estonia!

Enter into a contract with Hansab before Midsummer and you will receive a free gift! Choose from:

  • the first three months of the service free of charge;
  • a counterfeit detector valued at €125; or
  • a safe valued at €300.

Terms and conditions of campaign
The campaign is being organised by Hansab AS.
The minimum term of the contract is one year.

The person entering into the contract can choose from among the following free gifts:
- Free cash delivery service for the first three months
- Safescan 155-S counterfeit detector
- Chubbsafes Sigma Deposit 30 K safe

The campaign will run until 24 June 2022

Find out more about Hansab’s cash transport service and references here.


Other offers

Coop Pank’s payback

Our payback is always positive! Now is the right time to pay for purchases with your Coop bank card, because every month we will pay one client back all of the money they spent over the month.

Special offer for e-residents

Special offer from Coop Pank: join the fast-growing Estonian bank free of charge!* Use the code ER200 when applying for an account and enjoy the fast and flexible solutions, through which we support the Eston