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Website cookie policy

1. The website cookie policy (hereinafter the Policy) describes the principles of using cookies on the website of the companies of Coop Pank AS group (hereinafter the Website).

2. The Policy and the list of companies of Coop Pank AS group are available on the Website.

3. The Website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that the Website stores on the computer or another device (e.g. a mobile phone) used for visiting the Website.

4. Two types of cookies are used on the Website:

  • Session cookies – temporarily stored in user’s device only for the duration of visiting the Website.
  • Permanent cookies – stored in user’s device for a specific period, but if desired, users can delete these cookies from their device by themselves.

5. Cookies are used for collecting Website user statistics and thereby improving the functionality of the Website, incl. ensuring more convenient and secure user experience.

6. The user must allow storage of session cookies in web browser of the device for using the Website. Session cookies are removed every time after the end of Website session.

7. If the Website user does not want to allow storage of cookies, the security settings of device’s web browser can be changed. However, the Website cannot be used with disabled session cookies.

8. The terms of this Policy can be changed without prior notice by making new terms of the Policy available to Website users on the Website.