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LHV, Ellex Raidla and Agenda PR to advise on listing of Coop Pank

For the initial public offering (IPO) of its shares, Coop Pank has selected LHV as its financial adviser, Ellex Raidla as its legal adviser and Agenda PR as its communications adviser.

The management board of Coop Pank selected the independent financial advisor for the IPO from among three equally strong candidates. “We went with LHV in the end because they have the most extensive experience in Estonia when it comes to organising IPOs aimed at retail investors,” explained Margus Rink, chairman of the management board of Coop Pank. LHV’s main task will be to advise the management and supervisory boards of Coop Pank throughout the IPO process.

Providing legal advice will be Ellex Raidla, a law office with many years’ experience of advising on banking, finance and securities market law and IPOs, while communications-related counsel will be given by Agenda PR, whose team is also very experienced in providing advice on IPOs and to listed companies.

In early June the supervisory board of Coop Pank instructed the bank’s management board to begin preparations for the public listing of shares on Tallinn Stock Exchange. The earliest that the IPO could take place is in autumn 2019.

“Our financial results for the first half of the year and the record growth in our client numbers suggest we can start operating even more ambitiously,” Rink said. “But to finance further growth we need additional capital. At the same time, we want to give people in Estonia and our active clients the chance to contribute to the success story of a local bank and to acquire shares in it at an early stage.”