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In October Coop Pank that is soon to go public received a record 2000 new customers

Coop Pank’s financial results in October 2019:

  • The bank’s customer base increased by a record 2000, reaching 58,300 by the end of the month.
  • In the same period, the bank’s loan portfolio increased by 8 million euros, having reached 426 million euros. All the financing-related lines of business contributed to the fast growth of Coop Pank’s amount of business: mortgages, consumer loans, business loans and leasing.
  • The amount of deposits in Coop Pank reached 495 million euros by the end of October, having in a month grown by 17 million euros.
  • The bank earned a net profit of 609 thousand euros in October.

Commentary by Margus Rink, chairman of the board of Coop Pank: “October results are great. The customer base has increased by a record 2000; we have registered the largest increase in the number of customers for the year – both in the private and in the business segments. Preparations for entering the stock exchange are nearing the finish line. Our goal is to go public this year”.

More detailed quarterly reports  of Coop Pank are available here.