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Operating deposit

An operating deposit is a flexible way to deposit available funds. This way, you have money whenever unforeseen outgoings or unexpected situations occur.

Open deposit

From zero to the goal

You can open the deposit without making a contribution. You can add money as and when you wish.

Always flexible

Unlike in the case of other deposits, you can withdraw it entirely or in parts.

Certain return

The state provides guarantees for deposited sums plus accrued interest of up to 100,000 euros.

Maturity term 1 month to 10 years
Minimum amount €100
Currency EUR, USD *
Interest rate Up to 1,7%
Interest payouts Once a month or at the end of contract to current account
Automatic extension
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Maturity term No maturity term
Minimum amount €0
Currency EUR
Interest rate 0,02%
Interest payouts Once a month to current account or operating deposit
Automatic extension
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* New USD accounts cannot be opened. A USD deposit is available if your USD current account was opened before 05.05.2017.
Take a look at the interest rates, terms and conditions, depositor information sheet and price list.