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Payments from Coop Bank to Ukrainian banks are free of charge

In order to make it as easy as possible for all natural persons and legal entities who would like to support the people of Ukraine, Coop Bank allows its customers to make payments to Ukrainian banks without any service charges.

In order to send financial support to Ukraine, the Bank advises you to prefer accounts to which payments can be made in euros.

In terms of payments made earlier, Coop Pank will compensate its customers for the service fees related to payments made to Ukrainian banks from 24 February 2022. The fees will be refunded within the next week at the latest.

There are several ways to help Ukraine and the people living in Ukraine.

Donations can be made by bank transfer to the special purpose bank account EE162200221078603616 set up by Riigikaitse Edendamise SA with the payment details “Support to Ukraine”. Donation hotlines are also open: call 900 5380 to donate €5 or 900 2380 to donate €25.

In cooperation with the Estonian Refugee Aid and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre, donations are also being intermediated by NGO Mondo, which has been working in Ukraine since 2014, when the conflict with Russia first erupted. You can donate to Mondo by calling 9000380 to donate €5, by calling 9000381 to donate €10, by calling 9000382 to donate €50. See also

In addition to things, the Estonian Red Cross also collects monetary donations. People who would like to donate money can do so conveniently via the Red Cross website. You can also make a transfer: Eesti Punane Rist MTÜ, EE742200001180001436.

You can also support the Ukrainian army by donating directly to the current account opened in the Bank of Ukraine  UA843000010000000047330992708.

We urge all our customers to be vigilant about the information they consume and to only rely on trustworthy sources to avoid falling victim to fraud. When you make a payment, you must check who the account holder is and whether the aid will reach people in need.