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Take care of yourselves and others – use bank services online

Ensuring the availability of everyday banking services is important at any time. In the light of coronavirus spreading in Estonia and around the world, we want our clients to take care of their health, and that of those close to them.

As such, when using bank services you should favour digital channels or over-the-phone options rather than coming in to one of our branches. Apart from anything else, it will be quicker and easier, saving you valuable time.

Contact us over the phone or via the Internet Bank
If you would like to talk to someone at the bank or need advice, you can call us on 669 0966 (8:30-19:00 Monday-Friday), e-mail or send us a message via the Internet Bank.

Have your bank card sent to you at home
We deliver new and replacement bank cards to our clients however they prefer us to do so. That said, we recommend having your cards sent to your home address and then activating them in the Internet Bank. To do this, click on ‘My Bank’, then ‘Cards’ and finally ‘Activate Debit Card’. You can start using the card the moment you activate it.

Make the most of contactless payments
Pay for your purchases without entering your PIN via contactless payments. To enable contactless payments to be made with your card and to change your limits, click on ‘My Bank’, then ‘Cards’ and finally ‘Limits’ in the Internet Bank. The maximum amount you can use with contactless payments without having to enter your PIN is €25. However, given the current situation, the banks have decided to increase this amount temporarily. Starting March 23, we raised the contactless payment limit to €50 per payment, and this will continue until the end of the emergency situation.

Change your card payment limits in the Internet Bank
You can amend your card limits whenever you want to. Save time and take the opportunity to change your daily or monthly payment limits without stepping outside your door by accessing the Internet Bank. Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Limits’, and change them to your preferred amount.

Get an overview of your transactions in the Internet Bank and Mobile Bank
A statement provides you with a good overview of the transactions on your account, and the best way of viewing this is in the Internet Bank. You can also quickly and easily check your balance and most recent transactions in the Mobile Bank. You can download the Coop Pank Mobile Bank app from Google Play and the App Store. To receive automatic updates whenever a transaction is made on your account, open the ‘Settings’ menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the app and switch notifications on.

Enter into a home loan agreement online
Our loan managers are here for you whenever you need them, whether over the phone or at one of our branches. The easiest way of lodging a loan application is online. Helpful and professional advice is available from the bank at any time – simply call or e-mail us. Agreements can be signed digitally using your ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID.

Sign off on amendments to your home loan agreement electronically
If needed, home loan clients can apply for full or partial payment breaks, which is to say breaks from making repayments on the amount of their loan and the accrued interest. If you need to take such a break, let your loan manager know or lodge an application with us via the Internet Bank. We will work with you to find a solution.

Entering into and amending small loan contracts online
You can apply for and sign a small loan contract using your ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID. Your identity may need to be authenticated before the amount can be paid out, but this can also be done quickly and easily online. Video-based identification allows you to enter into a contract wherever you are in the world, and the whole process takes no more than five minutes.

If needed, small loan clients can also apply to take a payment break whose terms and duration we will tailor to your needs and to the options available to you. If the need arises for you to amend the terms of your contract, e-mail us at or submit an application via the Internet Bank.

Open an account with us via our website
If you are not yet a Coop Pank client, the easiest way of becoming one is online: identifying yourself electronically and opening an account only takes a few minutes, after which you can start using our Internet Bank straight away.

Many thanks to those who are already making active use of our digital solutions. We implore all of our clients to take care of themselves and everyone around them. Take this opportunity to spend more time with your friends and family, put your feet up, read a book and enjoy the great outdoors here in Estonia!


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