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What are the changes going to be in the bank’s range services?

Coop Pank has two daily banking plans

The most reasonable and convenient method for the settlement of payments is to choose a plan that takes into account your needs and includes various services in one monthly fee. There are two plans at Coop Pank: Rahn and Rändrahn. The plans include all the banking services needed on a daily basis: settlements, payments and cash. The detailed terms and conditions of the plans are going to be published soon.

Clients on payment settlement plans do not have to choose a new plan

If you are currently a client on a payment settlement plan, your agreement will remain in effect indefinitely, and nothing will change for you in relation to the payment settlement plan. At the same time, we advise you to definitely review the payment settlement plans for daily banking.

To order a new bank card, call the client support telephone number or contact a branch

If, however, the client wishes to order a new bank card or replace their existing plan with a new daily banking plan, this is done most easily by telephoning client support on +372 669 0966 or by visiting Coop Pank’s nearest branch. If you are not a client yet, complete an application on the website.

Coop Pank still has good deposit interest rates

The interest rates on deposits depend on the capitalisation of the bank, the market situation, or the competitive situation, and the reference rates set by the central banks. In the near future, there are no plans to change deposit interest rates significantly; that is to say, our offer is better than the market average.


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