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You can now withdraw cash at Coop store tills

From Tuesday, 29 May, Coop Eesti, the largest retail chain in Estonia, is offering a cash withdrawal service at their store tills. From today you can withdraw cash at almost 120 Coop stores and by the end of the summer this service will be available at all 350 Coop stores across Estonia.

Jaanus Vihand, Chairman of the Management Board of Coop Eesti, emphasises that this cash withdrawal service has been developed in accordance with the Coop mission of cherishing life in every corner of Estonia. “Over the recent years the larger banks have been steadily reducing the number of ATMs in smaller towns, although we all know that cash is in higher demand outside major cities. So we have decided to build an innovative nationwide cash withdrawal network based on the Coop stores,” he added.

Jaanus Vihand pointed out that this project is an excellent example of how consumer cooperatives have been actively participating in enhancing local communities: at a time when many institutions and enterprises are closing down their branches in smaller towns, the consumer cooperatives fill in the gaps and become more important in those localities.

The technical side of the solution has been developed in cooperation with the MasterCard company that already launched several similar cash withdrawal services across the globe in conjunction with retail trade enterprises.

Coop Pank and Swedbank clients can withdraw cash at the Coop store tills without a service fee but you must make a simultaneous purchase in the amount of at least 1 euro. Clients of other Estonian and foreign banks can use the service if their bank has not prohibited such transactions, and they must also pay a service fee.

Margus Rink, Chairman of the Management Board of Coop Pank, reiterated that the bank’s distinctive strategy is to offer simpler banking services integrated into retail trade. “We took the first step in the autumn of last year when we offered our clients the possibility to open bank accounts and request bank cards at stores. Today this can be done at 16 branches and 28 banking points throughout Estonia. Enabling similar cash withdrawal is the next logical step in implementing this strategy,” explained Margus Rink.

Withdrawing cash at the store till is similar to using an ATM: you tell the cashier the desired cash sum at the till prior to making your purchase and enter your bank card PIN in the payment terminal. The staff member will give you that amount of cash from the till and it will be withdrawn from your bank account. The single withdrawal range is between 5 and 100 euros. You can withdraw cash in 5-euro increments, i.e. 10, 15, 20 euros and so on.

From 29 May you can withdraw cash at stores belonging to 8 Coop consumer cooperatives. These are: Harju Tarbijate Ühistu, Tartu Tarbijate Kooperatiiv, Kilingi-Nõmme Majandusühistu, Saaremaa Tarbijate Ühistu, Abja Tarbijate Ühistu, Haapsalu Tarbijate Ühistu, Hiiumaa Tarbijate Ühistu and Rapla Tarbijate Ühistu. The stores providing the cash withdrawal service are marked with special Coop Sula stickers and you can view the list on the Coop Eesti website. The remaining Coop stores will commence the cash withdrawal service by the end of the summer.

Here you will find the map and addresses of the Coop stores where you can withdraw cash.