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Client feedback

One of the objectives we have set for our activities is our clients’ satisfaction with our services and client service.

We work hard on this every day; however, it may happen that in some situations the bank and the client do not see eye to eye. How to proceed in this situation?

If you have any suggestions, questions or complaints concerning our services or client service, please contact us using the method that suits you best:

Further information

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A complaint is any grievance filed, by a client, pointing to a deficiency in our activities.

If there is a grievance, a complaint may be filed in any form. Our objective is to resolve any complaints as quickly as possible and so that you obtain an answer and a solution to your problem. Complaints are provided with replies without delay but not later than within fifteen (15) days for private clients and thirty (30) days for corporate clients.

If a complaint filed is more complex and necessitates the gathering of clarifying information or data, the time required to reply to the file may become longer. The client is notified about this situation immediately either in writing or over the telephone, and why the resolution of their complaint is delayed is explained to them. Furthermore, notification is provided about when a prospective reply will be given.

If there is dissatisfaction with the solution proposed by us, the client can always contact supervision or pre-trial authorities. The following list is not complete and may depend on the content of the given complaint.

Supervision of the Coop Pank AS group of companies is performed by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority (address Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn, tel 668 0500, Fax 6680501, e-mail The website of the Financial Supervision Authority is, with information available about filing complaints.

The consumer is entitled to turn to the Estonian Consumer Protection Board (Consumer Disputes Committee) in order to defend a right that has been violated or an interest that has been harmed. The Estonian Consumer Protection Board is located at Rahukohtu 2, 10130 Tallinn, Hotline 620 1707, Switchboard 620 1700, Fax 620 1701, e-mail The website of the Estonian Consumer Protection Board is

Any complaints related to the processing of personal data may be filed with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (address Väike-Ameerika 19, 10129 Tallinn, Hotline 627 4144 (10 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday), Switchboard 627 4135, e-mail The website of the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate is

In the event of recourse to a court, jurisdiction has to be established. Information is available at