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Coop Pank

  • Coop Pank is an Estonian bank, owned by consumer cooperatives and their ca 80 000 client-owners.
  • We visualise all people in Estonia as our clients, but we focus particularly on private persons, as well as small and medium-sized companies.
  • We define Estonia as our area of activity and do not plan to expand our operations to other countries. We primarily focus our activities outside big cities.
  • We offer simple banking products to our clients: daily banking and financing.
  • We serve our clients both in the network of Coop stores and bank branches, as well as via internet and mobile bank.
  • Our offer to clients is built on the synergy between banking and retail, and resulting client benefits.

Values of the bank

Values are beliefs that show what we consider important and what we truly value. Everyone has developed their own values. They often change over a lifetime as the experience gives a new meaning to various aspects of life.

Values of the bank come from ourselves and from the people who work here. During a long and meaningful debate, we unfolded the very beliefs that we consider important for making choices and taking decisions in our work.

We dare to do it differently

  • We are inspired by the opportunity to do banking in a different way.
  • We will not be satisfied with the already achieved, we constantly ask ourselves whether and how to make the life of our clients better and easier.
  • We dare to make mistakes. We admit our errors. We learn from this and do better.

Professionals in interplay

  • Each our employee is a professional of own field and sets high standards for self.
  • We work hard, but, at the same time, don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Teamplay is our modus operandi.

We reach the target

  • We set ambitious goals and won’t do any less than maximum for achieving the result.
  • Once we have started something, we shall do it!