Directly link your accounting programme to the bank!

Have you ever stopped to consider how much unnecessary work your accountant has to do? Saving and uploading files, making entries and compiling reports are time-consuming and prone to human error. Automation of your banking helps you save time and avoid mistakes.

To make everyday accounting easier, we offer the Gateway interface free of charge. This interface establishes a direct link between your accounting programme and your bank services.

There are three ways you can start using Gateway:

  • Subscribe via the accounting
  • Develop the interface yourself based on the technical documentation we provide
  • Use open banking solutions to create a range of applications
Gateway application form

Coop Pank Gateway options

  • Forwarding payments to the bank – Forget the hassle of manually exporting files from your financial software and importing them into the Internet bank when making payments! With Gateway you can forward up to 5000 payment orders to the bank in one go, direct from your accounting programme.
  • Making collective payments – You can also make collective payments via Gateway, enabling salary, pension and social insurance payments to be made confidentially, because the payments are deducted from your account in one aggregate amount.
  • Automated account statements – View your previous day's balance and transactions in your own financial software.
  • Real-time monitoring of accruals and expenses – Gateway enables alerts to be issued in the event of transactions being made and account information to be viewed in real time without logging in to the bank.
  • Account enquiries – Make account statement enquiries for the last seven years direct from your financial software.

Gateway partners

The following companies have added Coop Pank Gateway to their financial software:

Your company can start using Gateway immediately (and entirely free of charge) via one of our software partners. There are no costs involved in the everyday use of the interface either. If your accounting programme hasn’t yet partnered up with us or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at .

We'll develop the Gateway interface ourselves

If you’d prefer to develop the Gateway interface yourselves, first take a look at the technical documentation and instructions on generating keys then submit an application (selecting "Develop interface myself") in Sandbox to start testing.

Which services can I develop?

  • Pre-generated account statement reflecting accruals and expenses for the previous day
  • Report on Account balance for the current day
  • Notifications in real time providing account information
  • Account enquiries for the preceding seven years
  • Forwarding of payments (incl. collective payments) and notifications on the processing of payments
  • Forwarding of payments for approval to the Internet bank or signed in the digital container

If you have any questions, e-mail us at .

Create innovative new applications with APIs

Open-banking APIs enable companies that have been issued with the relevant licence to make use of Coop Pank's open-banking API interface to initiate payments, make account information inquiries and check available funds with the consent of the account holder. Find out more about these opportunities on our open-banking platform.

Open-banking portal


Gateway connection with Merit Aktiva software

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