Collection of payments with e-invoices


Start using e-invoices to make settling your accounts quicker, easier and more environmentally friendly!

If your company receives monthly payments from regular clients, it makes sense to use e-invoices to collect them. This service simplifies things for both the payer and the recipient and offers a number of advantages over paper invoices.

You don’t need a separate agreement with the bank, and you’re not charged any bank fees for issuing the e-invoices.

Coop Pank clients are offered e-invoicing services by the following operators:

  • Unifiedpost (Fitek AS)
  • Finbite OÜ (Omniva)

A smart solution

E-invoices are machine-readable and provide a range of automation options.

Quicker and more accurate settlement of accounts

The automated issuing and payment of invoices minimises the occurrence of errors and late payments.

Environmentally friendly invoices

Reduce your company’s ecological footprint by making paper invoices a thing of the past.

Collection of payments with e-invoices - good to know