Leasing for business clients

Leasing for business clients

If you need to obtain a new car or some sort of machinery or equipment for your company, Coop Liising has a financing solution for you! The terms we offer companies are flexible, applying is quick and easy, and trusted advice is available whenever you need it.

Cars, vans and minibuses

You can get a new or used car, van or minibus via our flexible leasing service. Simply choose the vehicle you’re interested in and fill in the application form on our website, at one of our branches or at a dealership. If you’d like to talk to one of our leasing managers before filling in your application form, make an appointment and we’ll go over things with you.

Call 669 0937 or get in touch with your client manager.

Machinery and equipment

You can quickly and easily obtain farming and forestry technology, industrial and production equipment and other special-purpose machinery by leasing it and dividing your costs up over a longer period. We provide financing to companies as an all-in-one solution, meaning we offer the leasing of machinery and equipment to Coop Pank loan clients. The leasing amount starts from €50,000.

Let us know what you want by e-mailing us at arilaenud@cooppank.ee

Vehicle leasing application process


Fill in the application form


Submit your financial statements

Please provide us with your annual report for the last financial year and your balance sheet and income statement for the current financial year as at the end of the last quarter.

Submit the sales offer

Include the valuation in the case of a used vehicle.

If needed, submit any additional documents recommended by the leasing manager


Agree with the seller on the vehicle’s handover


Enjoy being behind the wheel!

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