Business interruption

Ärikatkemise kindlustus

Protect your company against losses caused by a property insurance event

Business interruption insurance finances the fixed costs, loss of business profit and any additional agreed costs resulting from a standstill caused by a property insurance event.

The insurance will help restore your property in the wake of a property insurance event, but during the time it takes to restore the situation to its pre-loss condition your company will incur a variety of fixed costs (incl. employees’ salaries) without making any stable profit. Protect your company’s operations against potential additional costs by not only taking out property insurance, but also business interruption insurance for the same period.

Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS is the distributor of the insurance products.

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Costs subject to indemnification

Fixed costs

Salaries, rent, utility payments.


Lost profits or decrease in income are subject to indemnification.

Cost of leased premises or equipment

In the cases where continuing production on leased space or with leased equipment is reasonable.