About Coop Pank

Coop Pank is a rapidly growing Estonian bank. We want to make our own contribution to Estonian enterprise and to help people in every corner of the country make their dreams come true.

We’re characterised by our boldness in taking an innovative approach to banking. We create services that fit seamlessly into the everyday lives of our clients. We’re here for them both virtually and in person, offering our services in our Internet and mobile banks, at our branches and in over 300 Coop stores around Estonia.

Coop Pank’s shares are listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange and are held by more than 37,000 people in the country.

The Coop Pank Group includes:

  • Coop Pank AS
  • Coop Liising AS
  • Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS
  • SIA Prana Property

Our mission - Driving life forward in every corner of the country

Our vision: Coop Bank – everyone’s success story

  • A success story for our clients | A bank which is truly happy to help, which acts quickly, which is open to innovation, which is close to its clients and which focuses on people – i.e. a bank ideally suited to your lifestyle!
  • A success story for our staff | An employer who gives you the opportunity to take responsibility and show initiative, to run with innovative ideas and to grow professionally as you set and fulfil ambitious goals – i.e. an employer who enables you to contribute to driving life forward in Estonia!
  • A success story for our shareholders | A bank which enables its shareholders (which is to say its owners) to contribute to local enterprise and help people in every corner of the country make their dreams come true – i.e. a bank which allows you to profit, as investors, from its growth!
  • A success story for society | A bank for everyone in Estonia which generates value that stays in the country and invests it to improve the quality of life in the community, foster business and create new jobs – i.e. a bank that directly contributes to society!

Our values