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Earn up to 2% per year

It's probably not surprising to anyone that there are several disadvantages when keeping cash at home. The biggest risk of these is very human - the money tends to disappear just between hands.

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Small loan up to 10 000 €

You would like to go on a trip, purchase a new car or, instead, need funds for home repairs. You have thought of taking out a loan but have no collateral? A small loan is specifically for you.

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Leasing is already waiting for you

As a private client, you know only too well that to stand still is to go backwards. Driving saves time. No matter whether you would like a passenger car, van or minibus – leasing is already waiting for you.

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Coop Pank’s new mobile bank

Coop Pank

From November, services of Coop Pank may be used also in the mobile bank. Read in this blog post how to make using daily banking services more convenient with the help of the mobile bank.