Travel insurance

Travel insurance with monthly payments

You don't necessarily have to have a credit card in order to enjoy permanent travel insurance cover. We offer unique insurance that automatically covers all of your trips but which you only pay for in small monthly amounts - barely noticing that you're even doing it! Plus you can be sure that if anything unexpected happens to family members in neighbouring countries, the cost of those trips will be covered, too. Annual travel insurance for you and any family members travelling with you costs just €8.90 per month.

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What happens if I get sick before my trip or the trip's cancelled?

We provide up to €2000 in compensation for travel interruptions.

What about if my bags go missing or are stolen?

Your luggage is covered up to the value of €1000.

And if I get sick or get into an accident while away?

Your medical costs will be covered to a value of up to €500,000.

Lodge a claim

Our travel insurance partner is IF P&C Insurance AS.

To make sure your claim is handled as quickly as possible, lodge it with IF directly at You can access your policy at any time in our Internet bank.

Travel insurance with monthly payments - good to know