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The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. The interest income from deposits of private individuals will we taxable with income tax.

Give your child a bank account of their own! Click on ‘Become our client’ to get started.

It only takes a few minutes, and the account will be ready for them to use straight away. You can also open a deposit to save money for your child in order to cover the costs they incur as they start their independent life or other major outgoings, such as tuition fees at university, their first car, their dream holiday or a deposit on their new home.

And for our part, we’ll transfer €50 to the deposit as start-up capital!

Enter the Internet bank
€50 start-up capital
Interest rate 4%
Period up to 18 years
Risk-free up to €100,000 per depositor
Flexible – convenient contributions

Start today!

  • Consistent, long-term saving will ensure your child a good start in life when they fly the coop. We add €50 of our own to the deposit, and the money you save grows at 4% per annum.
  • If the deposit has been in use for at least three years, you can withdraw the amount in it during the child’s birthday month in their 7th, 10th or 15th year without cancelling the agreement.
  • A parent can enter into the deposit in the Internet bank or at their nearest branch. The final opportunity is on the child’s 15th birthday.

Saving money for a child

3-18 years
Minimum amount
0 €
Interest rate (variable during the contract period)
4 %
During the birthday month of the child’s 7th, 10th or 15th year if the deposit has been in use for at least three years
Interest payouts
Once a month to the child's deposit
Age restriction
From birth to 15th birthday
Automatic extension

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