Coop bank cards

Debit and credit card with purchase insurance

Choose the way you pay with Coop Pank cards, be it with the secure and convenient Apple Pay or Google Pay, or even a smart ring.

Using our debit card, you can deposit money in your account at any Coop store from Kuressaare to Võru and withdraw cash from any bank’s ATM without incurring any additional fees. You can also set up the perfect saving solution for yourself and use our Cash Drawer to contribute to your nest egg, adding to it from every single payment if you wish!

Just like Coop Pank itself, our bank cards are Estonian through and through: the unique works they depict were created specially for the cards by young Estonian artist Holger Kilumets. To showcase this bold design, we’ve put all of the card details on the back of the card, where you’ll not only find your name and the card number, but also your account number.

Open an account
An extensive cash network
Automatic purchase insurance
A convenient mobile bank
Saving without even realising you’re doing it
Useful offers from our partners


Smart ways to pay

  • To make paying even easier, you can add your Coop Pank card to your Apple or Google Wallet as soon as you’ve ordered it!
  • You can also add the card to a watch, ring or any other smart device with a payment function: Garmin, Fitbit, Fidesmo, Manage Mii, Zepp, Tappy or Xiaomi
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Purchase insurance

  • When you pay with Coop Pank cards, purchase insurance automatically applies to the things you buy – ensuring that all of your major purchases are covered
  • The insurance is valid for 180 days and extends to durable goods with a purchase price of 100-2500 euros. The excess is 30 euros per claim
  • Coop Pank’s purchase insurance partner is IP P&C Insurance AS
  • You can review the terms and conditions of purchase insurance here
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Your card has force!

A small act of kindness can make a huge impact, making us stronger and more united as a nation! Even a single cent can make a difference. Your 1 cent could be worth 1.36 million!

Conveniently link your bank card to the Card Force in the app or via the online bank and support the Reservists Fund with every card payment.

  • For every 1 cent donation you make with each card payment, Coop Pank will add 1 cent of our own
  • Activate the Card Force for your card to make a small contribution in support of Estonia’s defence capability
  • Join the Card Force
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Coop Pank’s payback

Each month, one lucky client gets everything they spent the previous month paid back to them. And if you transfer your salary payments to your Coop account, we’ll pay double! Everyone who performs at least five transactions a month with one of our cards is entered in the draw.

Coop Pank’s payback


A Coop Pank card also serves as a Coop stores client card. By paying with it, you’ll always enjoy personalised specials. All Coop Pank cardholders are automatically added to the Coop client programme. Please review the terms and conditions of the programme.

Coop card in Coop stores


Join the Alexela client programme in our mobile or Internet bank and every time you pay with your Coop Pank card, all of the loyalty programme’s perks and discounts will automatically apply to you. Review the terms and conditions of the Alexela loyalty programme.

Coop and Alexela program