Smart ways to pay

Open your digital wallet

With Coop Pank cards, you can pay as you like – whether with Apple Pay and Google Pay or other smart devices. We're the only bank in Estonia offering such a wide range of devices you can link your bankcard to.

This means you can leave your wallet at home: simply add your card details to your smart device and you can use this safe payment option anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

Smart payment methods are quick, safe and convenient.

Pay using a range of devices

In order to set up smart payment methods, you'll need the following:

  • An active Coop Pank card
  • A phone, smart watch or other device with payment capability
  • Apple Pay or Google Pay, which you can set up in either the Coop Pank or Wallet apps
  • Instructions for setting up other means of payment can be found in the list below

List of devices and set-up instructions:

A bank in your pocket

With our mobile app you can keep an eye on your money matters and do all your daily banking.

And all right there in your pocket, from quick payments to saving without even realising you're doing it! Try it for yourself.

Smart ways to pay – good to know