Term deposits

Deposit calculator

Don’t let your money just sit in your account – put it in a term deposit to earn you more!

We pay competitive interest on your money, and the National Guarantee Fund guarantees deposits (together with the interest they’ve earned with us) up to a maximum of €100,000 per depositor.

You can open a deposit in a matter of minutes in our Internet or mobile bank.

Enter the Internet bank
Interest rate up to 3,75%
Amount from €100
Period from 1-120 months
Risk-free up to €100 000 per depositor
As simple as that – it only takes a few minutes to sign your agreement!

A good interest rate. A secure reserve.

Once you’ve put a certain amount of money aside, it makes sense to get it working for you. Here in Coop Pank, your deposit will grow securely and with a very competitive interest rate.

Depositing your available funds

1 month - 10 years
Minimum amount
Interest rate
Up to 3.75 %
Interest payouts
Once a month or at end of agreement to current account
Age restriction
Automatic extension

Term deposit – good to know