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We offer a variety of payment solutions to enable you to go about your everyday banking as safely as possible, but also with a minimum of fuss. Whether you need to make instant payments to recipients in Europe or want to send a link to a friend to ask them for money, we've got your back!

We also support the very handy Apple Pay and Google Pay, and you can confirm payments biometrically in our mobile bank.

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How quickly are Coop Pank payments transferred?

Wherever possible we execute payments as instant payments, which reach the recipient's account in seconds. If this isn't possible for technical reasons or the amount is more than €100,000, we execute the payment as a regular European (SEPA) payment. Settlements between banks in the SEPA region take place several times a day. In order for a payment to reach another bank on the same day, it needs to be made by 15:30 on a working day. Payments requiring additional checks may take longer to execute.

Estimated times of receipt:

Amount taken from client's accountMoney reaches recipient's account in another Estonian bank*
Before 8:30After 11:00
8:30-11:30After 13:30
11:30-14:30After 16:00
14:30-15:30After 17:30
After 15:30After 8:45 the next working day

* The time at which payments are received in other banks depends on the internal processes of the bank in question.

A SEPA payment initiated on a weekend will reach the recipient after 8:45 the following Monday.

Coop Pank is fully instant-payment capable, meaning we can receive payments sent to us as instant payments as well. If a payment forwarded to us by another bank wasn't sent as an instant payment, the amount might take a little longer to reach the recipient's account as a SEPA payment.

Receipt times:

Period during which payment was made in other bank*Money received by Coop Pank client
Before 7:00After 9:30
7:00-9:30After 11:30
9:30-12:00After 15:30
12:00-14:30After 16:30
14:30-16:30After 18:30
After 16:30After 9:30 the next working day

* Times differ in respect of other banks. The times given here are estimates. Precise information can be obtained from the bank that initiated the payment.

There may be exceptional cases where a payment is taking longer to arrive. This can happen as a result of the bank's control systems, technical issues, etc.

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