Your card’s got the power!

A small donation could have a huge impact on everyone around you, bringing us all closer together and making us stronger as a nation. However insignificant it may seem, a single cent could change so much. It could be worth 1.36 million!

Join Coop Pank’s ‘Kaardivägi’ programme and you’ll support the Reservists Fund with every card payment, contributing to Estonia’s defence.

  • You can add your existing Coop Pank card to the programme
  • You donate 1 cent every time you make a card payment, to which we then add 1 cent of our own
  • You can withdraw from the programme at any time
  • If you are not yet a Coop Pank customer, become our customer and get a bank card
Your 1 cent could be worth 1.36 million!

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