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Coop panga teeninduskanalid

We’re here to help you wherever you happen to be in Estonia

Keep an eye on your money matters any time, anywhere! Using Coop Pank’s Internet and mobile banks couldn’t be easier.

If you need more information or expert advice on your company’s money matters, visit your nearest branch of Coop Pank, get in touch with your client manager or call customer support on 669 0966.

Coop pank teeninduskanalid

Mobile bank

The quickest, easiest and most secure way of carrying out your everyday banking is via our mobile app.

Here’s what the app offers:

  • Easy entry

  • Setting up a standing order

  • Setting up Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Push notifications of transactions

  • Quick overview of accounts and transactions

  • Option of sending the account number (SMS, e-mail, Skype, Messenger etc.)

  • Convenient payments

  • Confirmation of payments

  • Overview of loans

  • E-invoices

  • Bank cards

  • Coop bonus points

Internet bank for business clients

Our Internet bank enables you to do your banking any time, anywhere. Not only does it provide you with a quick overview of your accounts and the movement of your money, but it covers everything that’s important to you, from interfaces to e-services.

Here’s what the Internet bank offers:

  • A quick and easy overview of your accounts and transactions

  • Adding and amendment of defined payments

  • Single or dual confirmation of payments (dual confirmation means that a payment is only executed once both authorised parties have confirmed it)

  • Downloading of payment orders (PDF & ASICE), account statements (PDF, ASICE, CSV, XML & TH6) and turnover reports (PDF & ASICE) and e-mailing of account statements

  • Importing of payments, incl. collective payments (ISO XML)

  • Entry into payment agreements (e-invoices and standing orders)

  • Management and ordering of bank cards and amendment of limits

  • Displaying of information related to loan, leasing and deposit agreements

  • Coop Pank’s Gateway, which helps you quickly, conveniently and securely link your company’s accounting to your bank service


Bank branches and contact details

Coop Pank has 14 branches around Estonia, at six of which cash transactions can be performed.

All of our branches are open from Monday to Friday, with no appointments necessary.

Find your nearest branch

Customer support

8:30-19:00 Monday-Friday

669 0966

Business Client Managers