Coop Cards

Debit and credit card for business clients

Get your business off to a flying start by making the most of an Estonian bank card! With Coop Pank cards you choose the way you pay, be it with the secure and convenient Apple Pay or Google Pay, or even a smart ring.

Using our debit card, you can deposit money in your account at any Coop store from Kuressaare to Võru and withdraw cash from any bank’s ATM.

Just like Coop Pank itself, our bank cards are Estonian through and through: the unique works they depict were created specially for the cards by young Estonian artist Holger Kilumets. To showcase this bold design, we’ve put all of the card details on the back of the card, where you’ll not only find your name and the card number, but also your account number.

Open account
An extensive cash network
A convenient mobile bank
Useful offers from our partners
A worry-free credit card

Cards for business clients

Smart ways to pay

  • To make paying even easier, you can add your Coop Pank card to your Apple or Google Wallet You can add your card to Wallet as soon as you’ve ordered it!
  • You can also add the card to a watch, ring or any other smart device with a payment function: Garmin, Fitbit, Fidesmo, Manage Mii, Zepp, Tappy or Xiaomi
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Convenient mobile and Internet banks

  • Managing your cards couldn’t be simpler in our mobile and Internet banks. In both of them you can securely check your PINs, block your cards if you need to and order new cards
  • You can also check and change your limits at any time, switch contactless payments on or off and enable or disable online purchasing
  • Switch notifications on in the app to make keeping an eye on your company’s finances even easier