Coop Pank has the biggest cash network in Estonia!

Corporate clients can make cash deposits and withdrawals at Coop stores with their Coop Pank cards. It’s also possible to withdraw cash free of charge from any ATM in Estonia.

If your cash turnover is modest, we recommend using our Coop Sula service or our branches. However, if you have a network of service points and significant cash turnover, it’s best to use one of the professional cash transportation services offered by our partners.


Coop Sula

You can conclude cash transactions with a Coop Pank card at 330 Coop stores throughout Estonia.

A cash transaction at a store is much more convenient – the service can also be used at the end of the working day until the stores are open.

If you use the Corporate Plan, you can make free deposits of up to €4000 per month and the maximum amount that can be deposited per month is €10 000.

You can take out up to € 1000 at a time. In the Apartment Building Plan, cash withdrawal is up to € 500 per month free of charge.

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Paying cash in and out at bank branches

Cash can be paid in and paid out at six of our branches around the country.

Paying in up to €3000 per day is free of charge.

Amounts of €10,000 or more to be paid out at a branch need to be reserved in advance by calling 669 0966.

Cash services are offered at the following branches:


Cash transportation – quick, safe and professional

Let professionals take charge of ensuring that your company’s cash reaches the right place both quickly and safely.

Coop Pank business clients’ cash transportation needs are taken care of by Hansab AS and Brinks Estonia OÜ, both of which offer their services nationwide.

There are cash processing centres in Tallinn and Tartu and the service is available seven days a week. Feel free to contact both of our partners to find the cash-processing solution that best suits you.

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