Apartment association loan

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The apartment association loan with its long period and attractive interest designed to finance the renovation of the whole apartment building and the improvement of its energy-saving features.

Flexible repayments
Coop's apartment association loans come with a repayment schedule of up to 30 years, lowering the cost of your monthly repayments.

Reduction of expenses
An energy-efficient apartment building consumes less power and thus your heating bills in the winter season become smaller.

Increased real estate value
A renovated facade, a new roof, repaired staircases, new windows, an updated power grid and heating system – all these things make apartments more valuable.

Pay less service fees
Residents enjoy discounts when making payments to the apartment association’s bank account. The Apartment Building Plan facilitates saving on service fees.

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Financing up to 90%
Flexible payment schedule
A grace period for the duration of the renovation

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