Carrier’s liability insurance (CMR)

Transport ja logistika kindlustus

Carrier’s liability insurance protects a company’s property, ensuring that logistics processes and the carriage of goods function as smoothly as possible.

There are always risks involved in the carriage of goods – they may be destroyed in transit, the vehicle may be involved in an accident, and so on. CMR offers protection for companies involved in the carriage of goods, warehousing and logistics. It covers risks that may arise in the transporting of goods, warehousing and other logistics processes.

Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS is the distributor of the insurance products.

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Carrier’s liability insurance

Protects vehicles or their cargo against unexpected damage, such as accidents or theft.

Freight forwarder’s insurance

Protects the freight forwarded against damage, such as the destruction of goods.

Goods insurance

Protects goods during transport against damage, theft or other unexpected events.