Contractor’s plant and machinery insurance (CPM)

Masinate ja seadmete kindlustus

Machinery and equipment insurance protects your company’s property, which include a wide range of industrial machinery, equipment and production tools.

CPM is a suitable product for plant and machinery with very different functionalities, which are usually mobile and not always working on the owner’s territory. In the event of an accident, the damage caused at the machine’s place of operation as well as damage that occurred during transport will be indemnified.

Unlike comprehensive insurance for cars, the objects of CPM insurance do not have to be registered with the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre or have motor insurance. The most common types of damage that can be indemnified are collisions, fire, crime, storm, overturning and sinking. The costs of rescue and prevention of further damage are also covered.

Coop Kindlustusmaakler AS is the distributor of CPM.

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Agricultural and forestry machinery
Equipment used in construction, including road construction
Various lifting equipment: cranes, hoists, etc.
Equipment that is not self-propelled: crushers, screens, saws, etc.