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Our contribution to Estonia

Our enterprising people and clean nature are the wealth of Estonia. Looking after the environment is important to us as an Estonian bank, so that our children and grandchildren can also enjoy the beautiful and diverse nature of our country.

We also want the living and business environment in Estonia to offer everyone equally good opportunities. As a bank, we give Estonian companies a boost every day and help people realise their dreams. We further life in every corner of Estonia, both in the cities and the countryside, by sticking together and valuing the clean environment of Estonia.

Our contribution to Estonia

For the community

The shared goal of the Coop retail chain and Coop Pank is to further life in every corner of Estonia.

It’s important to us that vital products and services are accessible to everyone near their homes.



For the environment

It’s important to Coop Pank that our everyday activities have a clear positive impact on the environment.

In order to contribute to the development of sustainability, we joined the Responsible Business Forum in 2021 and were awarded a Silver Label in 2023.


For the employees

Offering a contemporary working environment, flexible hours and the option to work remotely is natural to us.

We also offer exciting challenges, diverse development opportunities and a friendly and supportive team.