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Info  Dear client! Fraudulent phone calls and scam e-mails on behalf of banks are common, with scammers trying to gain access to a client’s bank account. Never enter PIN codes if you have not initiated the transaction yourself and remember that the bank will never ask for the PIN 2 code when entering the internet bank!

Partner offers

You don’t have to start your business alone. On this page, you’ll find the offers from our partners that will help you run your business even more conveniently and efficiently. That way, you can focus on what’s important and don’t have to worry about overspending.


Itella offers Coop Bank clients a 15% discount on Smartpost parcel terminal services as well as a free value-added package for e-commerce clients. Read more

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Opening your online store with Shoproller means all online store packages are free for 3 months for the corporate clients of Coop Bank! You will also get a 1-hour free consultation. Read more

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Merit Tarkvara

Accounting doesn’t have to be complicated – Merit Tarkvara is offering all Coop Pank clients free training in the use of its accounting and payroll software. You will also get a free Merit Aktiva plan for 6 months.

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Jazz Pesulad

Washing your car at Jazz Car Wash (except Jazz Self-service Car Wash and self-service checkouts) will cost you 5% less if you pay by the Coop Pank debit card for legal entities.

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Terms and conditions

Itella offers the following discounts to Coop Pank clients:

  • new Itella clients receive a 15% discount on Smartpost parcel terminal services in Estonia for 3 months;
  • for e-commerce customers who bring their warehouse to Itella, we offer a value-added plan that includes a range of services for goods handling and data management. It also comes with faster than usual delivery times, which makes it possible to deliver goods the next day in Estonia, plus free interfacing with the online store on the popular WooCommerce platform

Shoproller offers the following discounts to Coop Pank clients:

  • all online store packages free of charge for 3 months;
  • free 1-hour consultation;
  • various marketing activities (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords) at a discount;
  • Integration with Directo software free for 3 months.

With the free Merit Aktiva plan, you can input 100 sales invoices, 100 purchase invoices and 100 general ledger entries free of charge for 6 months. The free plan includes the entire functionality of the Premium plan.

Merit Palk is free of charge for companies with one or two employees.

Merit Tarkvara also offers free online training to all Coop Bank clients, making it easier than ever to get started. The training takes place according to the schedule on merit homepage.

How can I claim the free training?

  • Open the training page
  • Select the training you want to attend
  • When registering, please write ‘COOP CORPORATE CLIENT’ in the additional information field
  • 1 person = 1 free training

The partner offers are valid for Coop Pank clients. In order to get the discount, please submit a request on our website and you will be contacted within a few working days.

If you’re not yet a client of Coop Pank, fill in a short application to open an account.

If you have any questions, contact our customer support.

Telephone: 669 0966 (Monday-Friday 08:30-19:00)