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Coop Pank’s amount of business has grown rapidly

Coop Pank, which is based on Estonian capital, increased the amount of loans issued as well as deposits received, acquired 6,000 new clients and earned a profit of 3.1 million euros over the course of 9 months this year.

Coop Pank opened a new branch office in Tartu

On Monday, 1 October, Coop Pank opened a new branch office in the Lõunakeskus shopping mall in Tartu. It will allow all private and business customers to perform the most sought-after daily banking operations: open an account, order a bank card or ask for financial advice in the sphere of banking.

Coop Pank is to pay higher interest to businesses

On Tuesday, 21 August, Coop Pank has increased the interest rate paid to business customers on their account balance – now the rate is 0.25% per annum, while the average market interest rate on account balance is 0.01%.

Coop Pank gains 4,900 new customers in half a year

Coop Pank, which is based on local capital, increased the volumes of all of its most significant business lines in the first half of the year and made a profit of 2 million euros. 4,900 new clients joined the bank in six months.