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Let’s stand united. Let’s grow together.

Coop Pank is here to stay. Our mission is to boost Estonian companies and help people make their dreams come true in every corner of Estonia – in the countryside as well as in the cities. Invest in your own future and in the future of Estonia by subscribing for the shares of the rapidly growing Coop Pank.

Results of the initial public offering of shares of Coop Pank aktsiaselts

Subscription for Coop Pank shares 18.-29. November.

The fastest growing bank in Estonia
The fastest growing bank in Estonia In the past two years, our business volumes have grown by approximately 40% per year.
We are 100% Estonian
We make all our decisions in Estonia quickly and flexibly. We know our clients and proceed from their expectations.
Successful integration of trade and banking
A bankcard that also works as a Coop loyalty card and renders banking services accessible in 330 Coop stores all over Estonia.
Next generation in banking
We implement innovative technologies and the opportunities of open banking in order to provide the best possible customer experience.


The prospectus has been published pursuant to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council and it is available on the websites of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority and Coop Pank, respectively at and The approval of the prospectus by the Financial Supervision Authority does not constitute the approval of the offered shares.

Strategy and financial goals until 2022

1 Number of customers >100 000

2 Net loan portfolio >1 mld €

3 Cost/income ratio <50%
Return on equity 15%

We aim to reduce cost / income ratio below 50%. Return on equity temporarily declines due to raising of capital, but we aim on reaching 15% by 2022.




4 Financing cost <0,7%

We expect an increase of the number of customers, which would result in the growth of settlement volumes. This leads to an increase in demand deposits, which in turn will reduce our financing cost. Our today's 1% financing cost is caused by current structure of the deposit portfolio, significant part of which is made up by term deposits.


The initial public subscription for Coop Pank shares will take place in the period 18 - 29 November 2019. You will need a securities account in order to subscribe for shares. The shares of Coop Pank can be subscribed for via all banks that manage securities accounts: LHV Bank, Swedbank, SEB Bank, Luminor, Tallinna Äripank or Citadele.

In order to submit a subscription application, you are able to use the channels made available by the account manager. The easiest way to subscribe for shares is via internet bank.

Once you have chosen the bank in which you wish to open a securities account, a separate window with the instructions for opening a securities account required for subscribing for shares will open.

Please find the price lists of banks in relation to investment services and securities account contracts as follows:

Shares are publicly offered to Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian retail investors and privately to professional investors. Please examine the prospectus for more details.

Juriidilisel isikul on aktsiate ostmiseks vaja LEI-koodi. Ettevõtted ja muud juriidilised isikud saavad LEI-koodi taotleda selleks volitatud asutustelt, kelle nimekiri on juriidilise isiku ülemaailmse tunnuse sihtasutuse GLEIF kodulehelt.

Coop Pank is offering up to 32 180 155 new ordinary shares without a nominal value and some of the current shareholders of Coop Pank are offering up to a total of 14 102 578 existing ordinary shares of Coop Pank without a nominal value.

The subscription price of the shares of Coop Pank will be in the price range of 1,15 euros to 1,30 euros. Please examine the prospectus for more details.

Investors entitled to participate in the retail offering may submit a subscription application for subscribing for shares at the maximum price of the price range, i.e. 1,30 euros per offered share.

In the case of oversubscription, distribution of the shares will take place on the basis of all the subscription applications. Upon the distribution of the shares, we will proceed from the objective of transforming Coop Pank into a publicly traded company with an extensive range of owners. With regard to the amount of shares to be distributed, we reserve the right to prefer subscribers who were clients of Coop Pank as of 29.11.2019 at 3:00 p.m. or subscribers who are not clients of Coop Pank but submitted their subscription application before 22.11.2019 at 4:00 p.m. The issue results and distribution will be clarified on 2.12.2019 or a date close to this date. More detailed information concerning the distribution of the shares of the offer is available in the prospectus.

The issue results and distribution will be clarified on 2.12.2019 or a date close to this date. After the distribution of the shares, every subscriber will be able to receive information concerning the number of Coop Pank shares held by them in the bank in which they have opened a securities account and through which they subscribed for Coop Pank shares.

For more information, please visit the website or examine the prospectus.