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Bring your company over to Coop Pank, because as a business client of ours you will earn 0.5% interest on the balance of your current account, perform transactions free of charge as part of our Business Plan and gain access to the flexible financing solutions we offer. Opening an account with us takes as little as a few minutes!

Open an account

Personal Business Account Manager

Personal Business Account Managers give you advice and are always there in every corner of Estonia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large company or a start-up.

Highest current account interest

In order to allow companies to deposit their funds profitably, we pay the best interest on the market on the current account balance –  0.50% per year.

Free Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan includes free European payments, accepting bank link payments and debit card for the company and we don’t charge you for the plan either.

Price list

For an active company:

We help save money on service charges. The Corporate Plan allows you to make payments to other accounts within Estonia and elsewhere in Europe free of charge and the number of payments is not limited. The plan also includes a bankcard free of any monthly fee.

Convenient Internet and mobile bank
Free bank link payments
Cash collection
Debit Card
Business financing
Term deposit
Accepting card payments

For a start-up:

If you have already established a business, please fill in a short form to open an account. If you’re still planning to establish a business, you can start by opening a start-up account in the Company Registration Portal.

Cash deposits and withdrawals
One debit card without monthly fee
Free payments and transfers (incl. payroll)
Payment terminal free of charge for three months
Partner offers

Apartment associations

All intrabank and Estonian payments as well as e-invoice standing orders are free of charge with the Apartment Association Plan.

Apartment Association Plan
Collection of payments with e-invoices
Apartment association loan

More information

The average Estonian company makes 50 euro payments a month, uses one debit card, withdraws €500 of cash every month and makes cash deposits of €300 a month.

  Coop Pank LHV SEB Swedbank Luminor
Monthly fee for an account, 50 European payments 0 € 0 € 13 € 13.4 € 13 €
1 Debit card (monthly payment) 0 € 2 € 0 € 0 € 0 €
500 € cash withdrawals 0.69 €* 0 € 1.69 € 1.69 € 2.5 €
300 € cash deposit 0 € 0 € 0 € 0 € 0 €
Total 0.69 € 2 € 14.69 € 15.09 € 15.50 €

The comparison of service fees is based on the data published on the websites of the credit institutions included in the comparative table as of 31 March 2022.

*Cash withdrawal from the Coop Store.




Markus Eller
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0778

Erli Listak

Erli Listak
Business Client Manager
+372 669 0970

Mariana Rõbakova

Mariana Rõbakova
Business Client Manager
+372 669 0969


Tauno Tekko
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0789


Ingrid Egorov
Large Corporate Relationship Manager
+372 664 0779


Kristina Selgitski
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0764

Janika Tüvist

Janika Tüvist
Business Client Manager
+372 664 1889


Maria Mutra
Large Corporate Relationship Manager
+372 669 0991

Monika Kinkar

Monika Kinkar
Large Corporate Relationship Manager
+372 664 0780

Kristiina Sikk

Kristiina Sikk
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0750

Peeter Puskar

Peeter Puskar
Business Client Manager
+372 664 0753

Jan-Erik Jegorov

Jan-Erik Jegorov
Business Client Manager
+372 5783 5803